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May 23, 2008

See? I said I would be busy!

Ok, I realize that I have completely dropped the ball for the past month or so. And, given that I’m using this blog partly as an exercise to get myself ready for school, there’s really no excuse for that. I could write a long apology and promise that it will never happen again, but let’s face it, that makes for a pretty boring post. So… on we go!

┬áIn the time since my last post I have… (more…)


Monogamy, embarrassment, and new skills (in knitting)

April 13, 2008

I finished the second half of Violet/Eva’s Anouk. (Seriously, can people stop changing the names of their unborn children? It’s making a mess of my Ravelry page.) I may need to lengthen the shoulder straps a little, but for now my goal is just to get all the pieces done. I know, it wouldn’t kill me to have this project unfinished (er… more unfinished) while I start on something new to travel with. The truth is, I am that rare creature, the Monogamous Knitter. I’m not saying I never have more than one UFO on the needles- of course, if one project gets unwieldy, I’m going to need a smaller one for subway knitting. At times it’s even a necessity- socks, though I love them, tend to kill my wrist; a looser-gauge project is a good remedy. But most of the time, working on a project is like reading a book: I’ve tried to read two books at once, and I almost always end up ditching the one I like less. Worst of all, sometimes I never pick it up again. So in order to actually finish what I start, I tend to enforce a strict one-at-a-time policy, both in knitting and reading. (more…)