About Vermont Girl

First, a confession: I live in New York. Yeah, seems kind of like cheating with the title, huh? But in New York City, when you ask someone where they’re from, you’re much more likely to hear the name of another state (or country) than a nearby neighborhood. So, having spent my first 22 years in VT, I feel much more a Vermonter than anything else.

Now, about the blog. Guaranteed to appear here:

  1. Ranting about the state of our country today, specifically our darling president. It’s everyone’s duty in a democracy to offer dissent when they feel things aren’t right (like, say… now!) This is my small contribution.
  2. Knitting stuff. Like many super-cool 20-somethings out there today, I knit. It’s fun, and it’s a great stress reliever (you should see what I get done listening to the news!) There may even be some patterns in the future. Now, don’t let this scare you away if you think knitting is for grannies. Stick with me- it won’t be all crafty stuff.
  3. Miscellaneous: Commentary on things I’ve read, seen, done, experienced. Daily life stuff. It’s bound to happen.

One Response to “About Vermont Girl”

  1. Real-Life Voter Fraud? Part 1 « Idealink Says:

    […] So… This is not a typical idealink-y story because there is no linking here. Simply a recounting of the true story of the lady in vijtable’s life (let’s call her vermontgirl). This is not technical or a gadgety story, and I’m not sure if it is voter fraud, but there are several suspicious pieces which lead me to believe as much. […]

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