More of the same

It’s been over a week since my last post, and, strange as it may seem, nothing much is new. Knitting-wise, I still have the same three projects on the needles. Sheldon literally hasn’t moved, still due to the lack of black embroidery floss (or sport/sock yarn). Hopefully I’ll be able to finish him soon, though – when I went into my local craft store last weekend, the owner said that they were, in fact, expecting a shipment of black embroidery floss this week (I’m not sure why, but I find that a little hilarious).

The shrug has made quite a bit of progress (if only I didn’t post from work, I would actually have pictures… maybe this weekend). I got my order from Knit Picks on Saturday, so Saturday night I had the Harmonies up and running. This pattern goes so quickly anyway, and when you add gorgeous wooden needles and Hulu it just flies. Of course, that meant I was up till ridiculous hours watching old TV shows on my computer and knitting… but it was so much fun! The only problem is, now that I’m done with the part that needed the size 10 and 10.5 needles, I don’t know when I’ll use my lovely Harmonies again.

The first Baudelaire is also coming along quite nicely, if a bit slower than the shrug (that would be the difference between size 8-10.5 needles and size 0). This has been my subway knitting, and it’s definitely the type of project that gets noticed. People are generally in awe/confused when they see someone knitting socks, but long, lacy-cabley socks seem to be particularly eye-catching. The only problem with knitting them exclusively on the subway is trying them on. I’m 6-8″ into the leg, and last night was the first time I actually tested to make sure it would fit over my heel! I had been paranoid for the past few days, certain that I would have to frog the whole thing, but it (just barely) fits. (For the record, I did try the sock on in the subway once. I was in flip-flops, the train was fairly empty, and I was about to turn the heel and needed to check the fit.)

By the way, there is a great fundraiser/giveaway going on over at Spinning Athena to raise money for the Red Cross. I feel kind of bad that it takes the possibility of free yarn to convince me to donate to a good cause, but I guess it’s better than nothing. Maybe this fall I’ll try to do my own raffle for the Race for the Cure…


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