Too many projects*

Yes, that’s right, I have three WIPs on the needles! It all started with Sheldon, who is going to be a gift for a friend’s (now almost 2-month-old) new baby. I have all of the pieces done except the very tip of the face, because I have to put the eyes on before I can finish. And therein lies the problem.

Because it’s a toy for a baby, I would like to avoid adding pieces that could be choking hazards. And, although my local craft store insists otherwise, button eyes are choking hazards. So the plan now is to do a little embroidery… except that the aforementioned craft store apparently doesn’t have black embroidery floss. They have every color imaginable, but not black. Of course, they could have just been out that day – maybe they’re expecting a big black-embroidery-floss shipment any day now. But the point is, they didn’t have it when I went this weekend.

So, having some time on my hands, I decided to start a new project – the Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style. Now, I knew going into this that I didn’t have all of the needles I would need, and I knew that I wanted to order some Harmonies, rather than picking up whatever the yarn store had (most likely more expensive, definitely less pretty). I just didn’t realize, after knitting socks and lace for so long, how quickly 6″ of knitting happens on size 8-9’s. So, later the same afternoon, I was yet again without a project.

Enter Baudelaire. I’ve had some Knit Picks sock yarn laying around for a while, for emergencies, and I figured this would be a good time to use it. I wanted a toe-up sock, so they could be nice and long and I wouldn’t have to deal with leftovers, and I wanted something interesting, since the yarn is a solid color. These seemed to fit the bill perfectly (and it only took me one three a few tries to get the toe started properly).

I promise, I will return to Sheldon and the shrug as soon as I get the materials! Really!


*This post refers only to knitting projects. If I took into account all the other “projects” I have on my list… my head might just explode.


One Response to “Too many projects*”

  1. penny Says:

    Why not use some other sport or worsted weight for french knots for sheldon’s eyes? I’ve found that makes them more beadlike but hopefully babydroolmouth friendly.

    Sheldon is really cute.

    I’m liking my harmonies…

    3 wips? I’m jealous. I haven’t owned up to all of mine. 😉

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