Pictures at last!

As promised, I finally have pictures to share. I didn’t get the chance to take them until this afternoon because of the weather – it rained most of Friday and Saturday – and my landlord/neighbors (I’m sure they think I’m crazy already, but I think taking pictures of my knitting in their fig tree might be too much). But today was gorgeous and sunny (and the neighbors were nowhere to be seen!) so I was free to take as many shawl-in-the-tree pictures as I wanted!

Now, I know I went on and on about this project while I was working on it, so I promise this will be the last Laminaria-heavy post….

I do have to say, though, that this is still one of my favorite projects ever. It was fun to knit, and I’ve worn it more in the last week than all my other projects put together (it gets cold in the office!)

Of course, now I’ve had to move on to new projects, and I have to admit I’ve broken my monogamy rule, just a bit…

A little taste of things to come…


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