Perfecting the art of thumb-twiddling

For all of you who were on the edge of your seat in suspense after my last post… I decided to tink. Despite the sage advice from Penny and others, I had not used lifelines. I’ve never used them, in fact. I know it’s a good idea, but that cocky, living-on-the-edge side of me says that I don’t need to. (That’s right, my main form of rebellion is to not use lifelines while knitting lace shawls.)

Luckily, I had plenty of time to un-knit and re-knit all those rows, backstage at Henry VI, Part I. Because of the near-constant threat of rain lately, we were called to be at the theater early, so we could figure out whether we would be performing outside (as planned) or taking refuge in the indoor theater. Once it was determined that we would be inside, we waited with baited breath to see if we would be performing the show at all – the director had decided that we wouldn’t go on inside if there were fewer than 5 people in the audience (the quality isn’t as good, since we designed the performance in such a different space). Most of us were crossing our fingers, hoping that no one would show up… but, alas, the show went on for our audience of 5.

I’m not sure why we were all so unenthusiastic about performing. After all, that’s why we’re in the play in the first place. Personally, though, doing this play means being on stage for less than 10 minutes (literally – I’ve timed it)… and sitting around for the other 2:40. Factor in the 7pm call time, and I hang out for over 3 1/2 hours. And it’s felt longer every night, as the newness wears off, the backstage conversations get more repetitive, and my hands start to cramp.

Ok, that’s probably not the best way to psych myself up for tonight’s performance, and it’s certainly not encouraging to people who want to (or have to) come see it. I’m sure what’s going on onstage is far more exciting… maybe one of these days I’ll watch it.


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