What to expect

After attending the Teacher’s College Admitted Students Arbitrary Two-Day Period Weekend last Friday and Saturday, I feel both better prepared to enter grad school… and scared out of my mind. I’m not sure if they purposely designed this event to evoke both of these emotions in such a rapidly-alternating way, but they did a damn good job of it.

I learned that for the next year (or more), I will have little to no free time. Classes (so I was told) will take up less than 10 hours per week, but studying will be my life. I will also probably be working, at least part time, in order to keep paying for things like food and shelter. I will need to be self-motivated, and begin school with goals in mind for my life after I get out.

I don’t know about you, but those are some scary, or at least overwhelming, facts. It’s been four years since I was in school, and I have a feeling that my study skills haven’t improved. If anything, the intervening years have let me perfect the art of wasting time without accomplishing anything (temp work anyone?) I can’t even imagine trying to study in my apartment (a slightly larger, far more cluttered dorm room). And how do I manage a work schedule while trying to motivate myself to study? Am I even ready to go back to work “in the field?”

Whew. Sorry… minor freak-out there.

As I mentioned at the top, this was not just a fear-inducing event. I got to meet some lovely people, both from my program and others. I got a bit of group academic advising, and even found out why my program is called “Psychology in Education,” when it has little or nothing to do with education. And it looks like this will be an encouraging and supportive atmosphere to study in. Most importantly, I am genuinely looking forward to the subject matter. As corny as that sounds, when I looked at the list of required classes, I got excited about the idea of learning about psychology again. Which is what counts, I suppose.

After last weekend, I have a list of all (or at least many) of the things I need to do before starting classes in September – everything from reading my potential professors’ research to buying a desk. For the moment, though, it will all be put off. Tonight is the third performance of Henry VI, Part I (let’s hope it’s better than the second performance) and tomorrow is WWKIP Day! I don’t know yet whether I will make it to Central Park, or go to LIC (although that one’s a tad early for me), or just meet whoever comes to Astoria Park, but I will be out somewhere with my Laminaria (I’m up to the edging rows!) It should be a good weekend – lace may be challenging, but it has yet to make me freak out.


One Response to “What to expect”

  1. penny Says:

    i think they do it on purpose. i’m not sure what i’m taking this fall .. but i should be on campus at least one afternoon each week.

    remember to take time each day and some additional time each week for YOU. no studying — fun reading or knitting is ok. trust me.

    i ended up taking the b-school human behaviour course .. it’s awesome, but kicking my sorry arse. oh and i finished my anouk and the little girl has it and her mom looks forward to her fitting into it.

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