See? I said I would be busy!

Ok, I realize that I have completely dropped the ball for the past month or so. And, given that I’m using this blog partly as an exercise to get myself ready for school, there’s really no excuse for that. I could write a long apology and promise that it will never happen again, but let’s face it, that makes for a pretty boring post. So… on we go!

 In the time since my last post I have…

Started a job. This is my fourth week covering my friend’s maternity leave. It’s a bit of a change from past temp jobs – usually, I’m more or less a placeholder with no real responsibility.  I’ve even had jobs where I wasn’t sure what kind of company I was working for (real estate? Investment banking?) Now, though, I have a real job, and I’m enjoying it. I mean, it’s still admin work, and definitely mind-numbing at times, but it’s great to actually have work to do.

Knit. With the baby knitting pretty much done (ok, I still have some finishing left on Anouk), I’ve been focusing on the socks for my dad’s birthday. Yes, his birthday is in June, but I’ve never knit him anything (that I’ve finished, at least), so he’s getting wool socks anyway. However, there was a bit of a yarn issue. The colorway I had picked turned out to be very self-striping, with a lot more orangey-tan stripes than I had expected in a mostly brown and grey skein. And while my dad may have still worn them, they weren’t what I wanted for his first knitted gift from me. So this week I made an emergency yarn stop, and he will now have lovely mottled navy Araucania socks.

Rehearsed a play. I’m playing the Countess in Henry VI, Part I. Not familiar with it? Well, that’s because it’s not a very good play (sorry, Shakespeare). I’m only in one scene, and, like all productions I’ve done with this director, there is quite a bit of frustration and very little logic in the rehearsal process. And to do it, I’m missing an important gig and my cousin’s bridal shower (and I’m a bridesmaid, too!) But I haven’t been in a play in months, and I hate turning down a role (plus, the gig and the shower came up after I had accepted the part). For all the downsides, I’m sure it will be fun.

Rehearsed with the band. After losing our original venue (it’s shut down for good), and somehow finding another that would take a fully booked night on short notice, we are ready for our CD release party next weekend. I’m nervous, sure, but it will be a great show. Knock on wood.

Become an “aunt.” No, my (21-year-old) brother has not had a child. The friend whose maternity leave I’m covering, and who is our band manager/fellow backup singer, and whose husband is our lead guitarist, had a baby boy this week. I got to see him at 11 hours old… amazing.

And that, in a nutshell, is what has kept me so busy this month.


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One Response to “Recap”

  1. penny Says:

    Wow you’ve been quite busy! Much luck on this coming month (June)… May flew by didn’t it?

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