Schedules and lace

Every now and then, I’ll have a stretch of time- a few weeks or a few months- when my life is planned down to the minute. I seem to be entering one of those times now: starting Monday, I’ll be working a regular schedule for a few months, and the intervening weekends are filling up as well. Between family celebrations, the CD release party, and a play, even planning a visit to a friend in Boston has been tricky. Part of the problem is also trying to go to an Admitted Students “Weekend.” (In my opinion, an Friday-Saturday event is not a weekend. I prefer the title “Admitted Students Arbitrary Two-Day Period,” but I see how that’s a little less catchy.) With that included, I’m booked till July.

Despite this, though, I’ve been able to do some knitting (ok, that wasn’t the smoothest segue ever). I’m even almost done with the baby stuff! I actually haven’t made much progress on the Anouk since I last wrote about it, but I knit an entire baby sweater in the meantime, so I feel ok about that. Really, all I still have left to do are the pockets, and I’ve decided against the intarsia. I did give it another try, and it definitely looked better than my first attempt, but it’s still messier than duplicate stitch would be. Considering this is not only a gift but an article of clothing, I want it to look clean and be sturdy. Plus, I’m a little eager to be done with the baby knitting, and using duplicate stitch will be faster.

I am so eager to knit something new that I’ve already started a new project. Yes, I know, I’m breaking my own rules on finishing one project before starting the next, but after three such similar projects (baby clothes on size 3 needles), I was craving something completely different: lace. This afternoon I started Laminaria, and it’s already addictive. I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow; for now, I’m going back to the needles!


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