Monogamy, embarrassment, and new skills (in knitting)

I finished the second half of Violet/Eva’s Anouk. (Seriously, can people stop changing the names of their unborn children? It’s making a mess of my Ravelry page.) I may need to lengthen the shoulder straps a little, but for now my goal is just to get all the pieces done. I know, it wouldn’t kill me to have this project unfinished (er… more unfinished) while I start on something new to travel with. The truth is, I am that rare creature, the Monogamous Knitter. I’m not saying I never have more than one UFO on the needles- of course, if one project gets unwieldy, I’m going to need a smaller one for subway knitting. At times it’s even a necessity- socks, though I love them, tend to kill my wrist; a looser-gauge project is a good remedy. But most of the time, working on a project is like reading a book: I’ve tried to read two books at once, and I almost always end up ditching the one I like less. Worst of all, sometimes I never pick it up again. So in order to actually finish what I start, I tend to enforce a strict one-at-a-time policy, both in knitting and reading.

Anyway, back to Anouk. I’m now working the pockets, and I’ve discovered something so embarrassing I almost don’t want to share it here. After all my years of knitting, it turns out that I suck at intarsia. Like, really suck. My first attempt at a pocket looks only slightly better than the tangle of yarn in the project bag. Apparently, because I knit in the round so much, I’ve never really bothered to learn proper intarsia technique- I’ve always used stranding or duplicate stitch. Realizing this, I’m very tempted to just use duplicate stitch for these pockets (it would be so easy! and look so neat!), but I’ve done a bit of intarsia research and I’m going to be brave and give it another try.

Next, I have to figure out what knitting to bring to London… I have one more baby thing left to do (not sure what yet- probably just a hat-and-booties combo), but I can’t travel for a week with only one project! So, will it be Dad’s socks? Or a lace shawl? Or both? (I have a few other things in the queue, but these are the most portable and longest-lasting). Less than one day to decide!

But there’s no time for decisions now- the band is playing at The Annex tonight, and I have to figure out how to get there. (As always, before clicking the above link, please remember that our music is NOT SAFE FOR WORK) Which reminds me of one more bit of news- the CDs are here!! They won’t be for sale until our CD release party (5/31), but trust me, they’re awesome.


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