A sunny day

I mentioned in the last post that Tuesday was a lovely, sunny day. Well, compared to today, Tuesday was like winter in Alaska. Today I pulled out the flip-flops and a sleeveless shirt, and spent every possible second outside. Even the walk to the drug testing place was enjoyable (see yesterday’s post if that doesn’t make sense).

Knitting in the park

I’ve always found that my moods are very easily swayed by the weather. It’s not just your typical rainy-day-blues, or feeling down during the winter (which does happen), but when spring comes around I get positively manic. Looked at objectively, this hasn’t been the best week. I’ve only had one day of work, and in addition to all the paperwork and drug-testing fun, my doctor’s visit yesterday ended with a referral to a cancer center (no, I [most likely] don’t have cancer [knock on wood], but with my family history they like to be extra cautious). A month ago, I would probably be whining and freaking out after a week like this. Yet, somehow, the sun has worked some sort of magic and I am energetic, calm, and happy. Is there such a thing as Seasonal Affective Bipolar Disorder?

Anyway, when not making up diagnoses for myself (I’m sure it’s good preparation for school), I have been working a bit more on the Anouk:

I’ve almost finished the second side, so all that’s left is to make the pockets and side tabs, and sew everything up! I’m hoping to get it finished before I leave for London on Monday- I hate bringing all the stuff for a project and finishing it an hour into a vacation. Up next for the needles: one more baby thing, socks for my Dad, a stuffed animal from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my Mom, and perhaps some lace? Sadly, my baggage space is limited- a choice may be in order…



One Response to “A sunny day”

  1. penny Says:

    Looks good!! I’ve just finished the decreases on the first side… have a wonderful vacation!

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