My summer job

Not even a week into my regular-posting resolution, and I’ve already missed a day. I have no real excuse for not posting yesterday, except that the sun was out and I spent most of the day outside.

Today, though, was good and busy. A friend of mine will be going on maternity leave soon and she figured, rather than hiring some random temp, why not bring in me? She arranged for me to come in and interview with her bosses this afternoon, but first I had to join the temp agency that her company uses. Fortunately, since I already had an interview scheduled, or maybe because I’ve already worked as a temp for over two years, I didn’t have to do the usual Word/Excel/Powerpoint tests (few things make you feel stupider than realizing how much you use trial and error in basic programs, and how bad that looks on a test). Yup, I just had to fill out a stack of paperwork and agree to a background check and a drug test. Is it just me, or does that seem like a little overkill for a temp job?

Anyway, assuming I haven’t eaten too many poppy seed muffins the day of my drug test, I will be gainfully employed through the summer. While I appreciate the flexibility of my current situation, lately it’s been a tad too “flexible.” A few days without work is fine, and gives me an excuse to sit at auditions for a day, but after a few 8-hour work weeks in a row I’m ready for more stability (i.e.: consistent income). And with school starting in the fall, I know I won’t be stuck in a cubicle indefinitely.

In other news, the Anouk is speeding along- pictures to follow soon!


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