So, kids with health care is a bad thing?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been planning to revive this blog, probably making it more knitting-focused (I’ve signed up for Secret of the Stole and, well, everyone else has a blog!) However, after reading this article, I couldn’t not respond.

I have known for some time now that our president and I do not agree on many things. I don’t think we should be at war- he does. I think schools should get funding for non-abstinence-based education- he doesn’t. And so on. This time, though, he’s taken it to a whole new level: I, personally, think we should guarantee that all children have access to health care. He doesn’t.

What’s worse is this (restraining myself from letting loose all  seven words and then some) man’s justification for opposing health care for children: it would be “an incremental step toward the goal of government-run health care for every American.”

Maybe I’m biased, as an American without health insurance, but… um… why is this a bad thing? And why don’t we get rid of a leader who will deny children proper health care because it might result in the entire country having access to health care? Does anyone else find this incredibly twisted?


One Response to “So, kids with health care is a bad thing?”

  1. frecklescassie Says:

    If you care about corporations and insurance companies and credit agencies more than you care about kids, then “free” health care for kids is a bad thing. Pretty sick.

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