1.2 Trillion More Reasons


As someone who works full time and can’t afford health insurance, it’s crazy to think that everyone in the country could be covered for half of what is spent on the Iraq war. Not to mention how much schools and other public resources could be improved, how much cancer research could be funded, and how much we could improve actual peacekeeping and charitable efforts worldwide. Arrrgh.

What I really wonder is, why doesn’t the government actively try to fund these things? I would bet another $1.2 trillion that even if the war ended tomorrow and we magically recovered all the money lost, the above-mentioned causes would not benefit at all. We live in a country where, for a war, we can scrounge up all the necessary funding, but we can’t find even a fraction of that to pay for health care and schools. Yes, we need to make sure that the 130,000 (soon to be 150,000) troops in Iraq are sufficiently protected, but what about the other 3,000,000 citizens?


3 Responses to “1.2 Trillion More Reasons”

  1. icanplainlysee Says:


    Funding universal health care sounds like nice thing for the government to do, more accurately, for taxpayers to do for those who have none.

    The problems are manifold:
    Socialized medicine and it’s tremendous shortcomings worsen public health, not better it.
    Health care isn’t a “right”, it’s a purchased benefit.
    No one is turned away needing health care in America by law..indigents of all stripes, including illegal aliens are cared for.

    More to your point, it’s not a silly thought to imagine no war=peace dividend and massive social spending, ending poverty and warts as we know them, barring politicians need to wastefully spend on other things that buy votes.

    But this has never happened, and never will. All of society is buttressed by self determination and pulling your own load, not by handouts in the form of wealth redistribution, which is what you’d like to see.

    As for schools, we all pay the lions share of our property taxes to the public school system, another government monopoly with an insatiable appetite for more money.

    I used to feel the way that you do..just pony up some mystery money off those government trees over there and I will personally solve all the nations ills..but I learned real life doesn’t work that way.

    Thanks for your post.

  2. laluttefinale Says:

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  3. Livette Says:

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