But I thought they were against cloning

The president and Ms. Rice have promised that the US will use the “full range” of its military power to defend Japan against the potential North Korean nuclear threat.

Without even going into political rant mode, I just have to ask: how? Maybe they forgot about Iraq… and Afghanistan… It might be time to stop promising that the Unstoppable American Army will swoop in to save the day.


One Response to “But I thought they were against cloning”

  1. vijtable Says:

    Don’t you know what “full range” means? It’s all the difference.

    I mean, with Afghanistan, it was “all our resources” and Iraq was too. But the “full range” includes things like knives… and forks… and spoons, in addition to conventional weapons. I hear they’ve developed a killer ice cream scoop, too. And since the military is stretched to the limit, they’ll use those nifty Aibo dog robots and Roomba vaccuum cleaners (re-programmed, of course) to deliver this overwhelming military force.

    Yay Amurica!

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