Happy Knitting

I haven’t listened to the news at all today- this is going to be all nice, knittish stuff. So if you’re looking for political rants, check back tomorrow.

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been commissioned to make a pair of dog sweaters for Linus and Lucy, my mother’s friends’ dogs. Mom told me the general size of the dogs, but other than that I have been given total creative license. Not being a dog sweater fan myself, I’ve opted for something a tad less cutesy than most of the patterns I found. Linus’ is (loosely) based on this sweater (I had told  my boyfriend that even though I will never knit him a sweater, if I did, it would be like this one).  I’m still not sure what Lucy’s will look like, but my favorite yarn store has been closed (Jewish holidays), so I’m off the hook for a little while. (Any suggestions are appreciated!)

Since I don’t have access to a dog of my own, I took this gorgeous fall afternoon to do a little knitting in public. Needles in hand, I walked around Astoria Park, looking at all the dogs that walked by to figure out the minor details (like, say, where a dog’s legs are on its body). I ended up getting halfway through the sweater, hopefully without creeping anyone out too much. I’ll try to post some photos- and maybe a pattern- when it’s done.

In other knitting news, the recipient of my latest blanket (my cousin’s daughter) has been born! Now I just need to get the blanket into the mail…


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