If you have something to say…

So, Gen. Richard Dannatt (head of the British Army) made a statement recently about the state of things in Iraq (not so good), and how the occupying troops (US & UK) should withdraw “soon.” Sounds good, eh? Finally someone speaking up and saying what we all really know- that the occupation, rather than turning Iraq into a Western-style democracy that greets the US troops with parades of flowers, is making things much, much worse. Good for him! Maybe someone will listen!

…Well, someone did listen, and apparently didn’t like what they heard, because today Gen. Dannatt felt the need to “clarify” his statement. He didn’t mean that we should make plans to withdraw now! He meant that we should kinda sorta start thinking about maybe leaving Iraq sometime after the mission is accomplished, a few years from now. Not my personal definition of “soon,” but then I’m not involved with the government.

His original message needed to be said, needs to be said over and over again. If you have something to say, say it, and stick by it.

I heard this on NPR’s All Things Considered, but it’s also covered in the New York Times and the BBC.


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